Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Frugal Iceblocks / Popsicles

It’s summer here, so I’ve been making iceblocks (frozen treat on a stick) for my children to snack on. Mostly we just blend up whatever fruit we have in abundance, and freeze it in an iceblock mould I was given a few years ago.

The really frugal part? I ran out of popsicle sticks, so we’ve started using well cleaned twigs from the eucalyptus tree in our front yard! We break them off in about 12cm lengths, then scrape each end on the cement to get rid of any sharp bits, before cleaning them thoroughly in hot water.

They can only be reused a few times, but that’s ok because after all, they DO grow on trees. :D

Having a ready supply of sticks means that I can have 20 plus iceblocks waiting in the freezer (stored in washed out mountain bread bags, or the press-seal bags that frozen berries come in), all ready for hungry people to munch on.

Some of our favourite combinations:

Pinapple and banana

Pineapple and mint

Mango, banana, strawberry

Orange juice and berries

All you need to do is to put the freshly cut up fruit into a blender and whizz till it's smooth. So simple, but such a healthy snack. SO much better than the artificial ice treats from the shop, and usually a lot cheaper.