Saturday, April 11, 2009

Call for ideas! Eco/self reliance workshop

In early July this year our Stake Relief Society will be holding a day convention. I've been asked to lead one of the workshops, and the topic will be eco living and self reliance in the home (or something like that). This is exciting! My problem is deciding what to share in the 1/2 hour time frame, what should be concentrated on and what might be better left out.

My ideas so far:
Sandwich wraps and bags
Homemade alternatives for deodorant, shampoo, washing powder/liquid
Recycling/repurposing clothing

Please leave any ideas you may have as comments, I'd really appreciate input as to what you consider would be of worth to share in the workshop.

Modified to add:
Do you think it would totally freak people out if I addressed albeit briefly, the concept of non-disposable womens sanitary items? Like the Diva Cup / Moon Cup, and cloth pads. I think this is something all women should at least be aware of, but hey, no point alienating the audience if that's a bit too much for them to handle at this point.


amberwoods said...

Considering you will probably have a range of ages at your workshop maybe you could leave a pamphlet of the 'sanitary item' on a display table. If I was attending, I would love the sandwich wraps/bags idea!!Good luck - they couldn't have asked a better person to lead a workshop!!

Threads of Light said...

Thanks :)
Good idea about the pamphlet, a bit less in your face.

Jac's Mum said...

Nah, I think go for it with an introduction to the idea of reusable sanitary stuff. Better to cover something with a bit of impact, that ppl ponder afterwards, than to be too safe just for the sake of being safe.

(that's my 20c rolling around in the bottom of the container...)

Threads of Light said...

Actually yes, I think I will go for it - since receiving my Mooncup from the UK I'm all keen to let people know about this alternative. No landfill - yay! Hopefully Oz will get their act together soon and approve the sale of silicone devices like this one.