Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Drying clothes the frugal way

I sent these photos into one of my favourite blogs a while ago, Frugal and Thriving. Click on the heading to this post to see it there.

Here's what I wrote:

One particular day the weather was good for drying clothes, but I could see that a storm was on its way - and I didn't have time to bring clothes in and out unnecessarily. Looking around the backyard I noticed a spare piece of pool fencing that had been discarded by someone at some point, which we had claimed a couple of years ago. It makes a perfect place to hang clothes up to dry!

We set it up on the balcony, as you can see. It's easy and (most importantly) quick to bring the whole thing either under shelter or inside when rain starts to threaten.

Yes, it is a rather odd feeling to see our personal laundry (albeit clean) decorating cyberspace!