Thursday, December 4, 2008

Natural beauty

I found a piece of wood when out walking yesterday. The smaller branch (probably a creeper) that grew around it has made a spiral indentation in the larger branch, both living together for who knows how long till they were chopped down and cast aside. Now they are a beautiful addition to my nature plate on the dresser. I love the textures of wood, the unpredictability of it, the earthy quality of the colours, the variety of shapes to be seen within it. I love wood; real wood that can breathe and which speaks of the life it had as a living thing.

This chip of wood is no taller than my thumb.
It caught my eye immediately, because the eagle head side was facing up. I love how it looks like an eagle on one side, and like an afghan dog on the other.

Sometimes I think that weeds can look even more beautiful than ordinary flowers. They are less pretentious somehow; you have to look harder to see their beauty.