Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Birthdays and Blessings

My baby turned 19 yesterday! She left early, 4 hours of travel total as usual to and from uni, then came home for a family birthday dinner. And why not try to eat an icecream cake* with chopsticks?
Laughter, gifts, conversation, food, candles, peace.

And she gave me the best gift of all: her big, giving, compassionate, serving, birthday heart decided that she wanted to clean up the kitchen at the end of the evening...words cannot express what that means to me. I felt ill and couldn't do it, had to go to bed knowing that I'd need to tackle the mess in the morning, but having so many other things to do this would have made the next day very stressful.
Ess, remind me in a week or two to tell you just what I did today that made your gift so amazing - I can't tell you just yet, but really want to let you know how inspired you were.

* Icecream cake recipe:
A yummy cookie recipe, basic butter bikkies made with freshly ground biodynamic wheat. We added chopped nuts to the mixture just before baking.
Frozen banana, nectarine, mango and blueberries, all whizzed up till smooth and creamy.
Crushed cashews, peacans and almonds mixed with rapadura and a bit of butter, baked till just going brown.