Monday, March 23, 2009

The storm over the tv

There wasn't actually that much of a storm, just a few grumblings and thundery type rumblings and the threat of rain. Mr11 wrote a note back to the antenna asking it to please come back home, and that he promised not to watch too much tv, but to no avail!

What a feeling of freedom. I love it. No more having to be ready or we'll miss the beginning of a show, no more having to change the channel quickly but not quickly enough because the ads are indecent even with the volume down, no more hedonistic consumer fest paraded before our eyes constantly. What bliss to see the box in its box (wooden furniture piece with doors that close), and two young boys sitting in the lounge room reading books instead of vegging out in front of the box. Mr 10 is reading the Alex Rider series, and Mr 11-nearly-12 is a third of the way through The Return of The King.


amberwoods said...

We kicked the TV world out of our house years ago, and I couldn't agree with you more. The benefits far outweigh any slight inconvenience and your kids will adapt!! An interesting point is that now we have stepped back, it is easy to see how our society is specifically being fed mind-numbing biased drivel. Think Big Brother (the book, not the TV show, although that counts I guess). Keep strong on the Dr. Who issue!

Threads of Light said...

Yes I will keep that I've found! ;)